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For nearly two decades, I have centered my teaching agenda on increasing learning opportunities for all students. As an educator who grew up in a low-income and a single-parent household, I am committed to improving educational experiences for diverse student backgrounds. My teaching is not just a chance to convey knowledge and skills but also an opportunity for students to see their own untapped potential.


The following class evaluation is based on my Economics of Education course (Spring 2021) at the University of Missouri. The average rating is 4.71 out of 5.00, and the majority of students say that they would strongly recommend this class to other students. Importantly, 100% of students agree that this class fostered a positive learning environment. The full set of student evaluations and comments is available upon request.



(Would you recommend this class to other students regarding...?)



“The professor's energy was incredible. She made me feel pumped up for the course from day one. She tried to challenge us to think harder and deeper and I really appreciated that.”


“The class was very engaging and made it more interesting and easier to learn! Everything was drilled into my mind because we covered it so clearly in class.”


“Dr. Hwang was always enthusiastic about the class. It was clear that she wanted her students to do the best that they could. The chosen content was interesting and engaging and Dr. Hwang made sure to keep the students involved in the discussion.”


“Dr. Hwang's enthusiasm and knowledge about each topic were amazing! She fostered class participation and discussion. Very approachable during office hours as well.”


“The instructor was extremely energetic and enthusiastic, and she did a great job fostering class discussion and participation. The pacing of the content of the course was also very strong, moving at a steady but quick pace from different educational policies.”


“I loved that this class provided preparation for econometrics. I feel more confident attempting econometrics-based coursework now. Additionally all of the material was very interesting and the professor was great!”


“I really enjoyed the class discussions because they allowed me to express my own opinions and learn from others about their views on controversial topics. I also found Dr. Hwang's interactive teaching style to be very effective in helping me retain information during lectures. This course has been one of my favorites that I have taken so far.”


“ I love the discussion-based course. I was always engaged in class!”


“Dr. Hwang did a great job teaching this course. She was extremely enthusiastic about teaching educational economics and did a great job challenging students. She balanced challenging students and not making the course too difficult. Topics were relevant and class participation was encouraged. I would highly recommend this course!”

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